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The name of our company is Pumpsense Fluid Engineering Pvt Ltd (PUMPSENSE for short) and our e-mail address is enquiries@worldofpumps.com. I hope that they represent our business environment, our commitment and our passion.

Pumpsense is our second entrepreneurial attempt . After 21 years in pump companies (mostly within Mather & Platt), I started my own pump manufacturing company in 1995 with no capital but a lot of starry-eyed convictions- I was under the spell of magicians like Theodore Levitt, Peter Drucker and Charles Handy those days. Our small company - it was called Allied Centrifugal Pumps Pvt Ltd (Yes! It has a weighty name) - grew slowly and we started attracting customers from all parts of the world. Developing new pumps quickly was great fun and gave us a competitive edge in the marketplace. More importantly, we created a small community of loyal customers who treated us like their own factory, as well as very loyal suppliers who grew in learning and well being with time and a group of committed employees.


I left ACP in May 2009 to start PUMPSENSE. ACP now produces about one thousand split-case and marine pumps a year and enjoys a record of sustained growth and profitability for fourteen years. It is now part of a large international group with operations all over the world.

My journey with ACP has been exhilarating. Some quality issues remained intractable till the end of my tenure there but we were able to create a global constituency of well wishers for the company. Similarly, the sub-contracting network became cohesive and took the shape of an extended family. And I remained starry-eyed till the end.


"PUMPSENSE" is another dream, another journey. We want to create innovative products and services for the users and makers of centrifugal pumps. For pump users, the service basket will comprise of specification building and helping users to buy the right pump, training and workshop in different aspects of centrifugal pumps and helping the users to get the best out of their existing pumps through retrofit and upgrade services. We enjoy pump selection and therefore we wish to provide backroom sales support services for pump users. For pump makers, we will also provide a service we call "Nuvane", this is aimed at providing new impeller design and development service for the existing pumps. Finally, we believe that we can share our experience with the sellers of centrifugal pumps and help them achieve greater customer satisfaction our "Pump School" provides this service.

The values and principles of creating and growing this business will remain the same. We wish to create an open community of customers and associates. We have chosen the service basket to reflect our capabilities but they also represent areas where we can learn a lot and grow in the process.

Yours truly
Himadri Sen