NFPA 20 FIRE PUMPS   under upgradation
Pump Photos
nfpa2 nfpa6 nfpa6 nfpa8
A 6"x8"x21"size NFPA 20 Fire
Pump - Packed Gland with ANSI 125# Flanges
16"x20"x26" size Large NFPA20 Fire Pump
for refinery protection
5000gpm fire pump 10"x12"x22" size
running @1800rpm
High head double volute fire pump size 8"x6"x23" for Pertamina, Indonesia
nfpa1 nfpa1 nfpa3 nfpa4
Two Stage Fire Pump 4"x5"x14"size at 3000rpm.
Non-overloading power curve enables driver optimisation
1250 gpm Fire Pump for 200m & higher heads.Double entry impellers
ensure 15ft lift capability at 150%flow
1250 gpm, 300m head fire pump for Pertamina, Indonesia.
Pump size is 6"x8"x24"
This 500 gpm, 300m head pump runs at 3000 rpm and has two double entry impellers in series

NFPA 20 End Suction Fire Pumps for Speed upto 3600 RPM
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Vertical NFPA 20 Fire Pumps and End Suction Fire Pump
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  12HS18 in ductile NiResist has been supplied for sea water lift duty.Pump is driven by a hydraulic motor. Pump works in series to boost the suction pressure of the main fire water pump   FPSO vertical fire water pump 10"x12''x25" in ductile NiResist. Special construction to ensure vibration free operation   End Suction Fire Pumps for industrial applications